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Let Donna of Always Inviting create unique and beautifully addressed envelopes, place cards, and invitations for your next event. Donna takes pride in the work she does and always makes herself available for you. No one gives attention, detail, and accommodation to their products as Donna.

At Always Inviting, we take your order as if it were our own. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you before proceeding. You'll love our attention to detail and quick turnaround time.

We give personalized attention to the details of all your information, double-check spellings, and don’t abbreviate anything. Read on to learn some useful tips for envelope addressing.

10 Tips for Envelope Addressing

  1. Use your guests' proper names - Robert instead of Bob, Edward instead of Ed
  2. Use your guests' proper titles: Mrs., Dr., Ms. (women over 18 years), Master (boys younger than 9 years), and Miss (women under 18 years); for a married woman doctor whose husband is not a doctor, know the woman's first name, for example, Mr. Steven Brown and Dr. Susan Brown; use Mrs. for widows
  3. Guests related to or friend of the bride and groom should be listed before their guest regardless of sex: (cousin) Ms. Cindy Lee and (boyfriend) Mr. James Brown
  4. All abbreviations should be spelled out - instead of St. use Street, Blvd. use Boulevard, Rd. use Road, Apt. use Apartment, NY use New York
  5. If the wife retains her maiden name, her title is Ms., for example, Mr. John Brown and Ms. Susan Smith-Brown
  6. Spelling out 2-digit street numbers up to 99 looks special on envelope example: 35 spelled out as Thirty-five
  7. Hand-cancel stamp on envelopes before mailing (avoids track marks on envelope)
  8. Weigh envelope at the post office with all inserts in envelope before buying stamps (size of envelope makes a difference on postage)
  9. "and Guest" and "and Family" are written on the inner envelope, for example, Mr. Jones and Guest, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family (if there's no inner envelope, “and Guest” or “and Family” goes on the outer envelope)
  10. Don't forget the return address on the flap of the envelope
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Invitation Envelope
Invitation Envelope
Invitation Envelope
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